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Sound Masking

The purpose of sound masking, often referred to as “white” or “pink noise”, is to carefully raise ambient background noise levels within offices, universities, medical institutions etc, in order to improve the acoustics within that environment. More specifically, the purpose of sound masking is to aid concentration and increase speech privacy levels.

Sound Masking
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Strech Fabric Reverb 25

Reverb Stretched Fabric is an attractive, sound absorbing solution. It is designed to reduce echo and reverberation by capturing unwanted sound energy, preventing it from being reflected back into the space it came from.

More About 'Reverb' Fabric Panels
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Wall finishes

Acoustic wall finishes are an ideal solution for managing reverberation in a variety of spaces from meeting rooms to studio spaces.  Our experienced team can select the right type of finish to meet your acoustic needs, design ascetic and budget.

Wall finishes
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Ceiling finishes

Acoustic ceiling finishes are an excellent way of managing acoustic issues in larger more open plan spaces.  Acoustic Comfort work with a wide range of suppliers providing horizontally suspended rafts, Baffles and unique sculptural feature installations.

Ceiling finishes
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Screens and other solutions

Screens and other products from Acoustic Comfort can provide an alternative acoustic solution for your space. With product ranges including AA65, P30, FW35 and the acoustic AP30, AFW35 and SEA30, screens could be the right solution for you.

Screens and more